Cedar Split-Rail Fencing

Quality workmanship.

Our split rail is carefully manufactured and carefully graded for size, strength and appearance. Each piece that makes the grade is branded with our initials so you know you’re getting Idaho Cedar Sales’ quality. Further, we back every post and rail with our money-back guarantee of complete satisfaction.
Cedar Split Rail

Easy to install and care for.

Red cedar split rail fence is one of the simplest fences to build, and requires no painting, staining or any other maintenance.

Posts Length Girth Pieces Per Unit
Standard Weight (2 or 3 rail) 5’4″, 6’6″ 18″ minimum 72
Pony Weight (2 rail) 5’4″ 16″ minimum 90
Garden Weight (2 rail) 4′ 14″ minimum 99
Standard Weight 10′ 12-14″ 155
Standard Weight 8′ 12-14″ 160
Pony Weight 10′ 10-12″ 180
Pony Weight 8′ 9-12″ 210
Need an extra heavy rail? Ask about our 10′ “Super Jumbo” rail.


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